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Best Timeline Design Ideas For Showcasing Brand Story

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To showcase your brand story, the hiring process, or company history, you can use different timeline templates with creative timeline design ideas. With the ready-made timeline templates, you can add your business information without any difficulties according to the template type. The main aim of a timeline is to showcase specific information in chronological order. In addition to this, the timeline template is a great solution to manage complex information in a way that can be easily understood.

In this article, first of all, we will explain the importance of timeline templates and then drive you through the six most popular timeline templates. So, In the end, we will also illustrate the five effective ways to make the most out of the timeline templates.


Why We Required Timeline Templates?

Generally, the timeline templates are the most effective visualization tools for displaying information related to the project, schedules, company story, history, hiring process, and many more. It showcases information in temporal sequence on your website. Moreover, the timeline template is a perfect solution to manage your complex business data in a way that is easy to understand by visitors.

On the other hand, creating a timeline template using an office tool is a tedious task. That is the main reason timeline templates came into the frame. You can also select the professional timeline templates that best suit your needs and edit according to your requirements. Normally, it depends on your goal of the presentation. Now, keep reading to know the most popular timeline templates.

5 Effective Ways To Make The Most Out Of It


1. Begin With Outline

It is critical to plan what you will need to include in the timeline. When you use a timeline to express the complex process, you may struggle in fitting text into a layout. That is why to reduce the anxiety of later running into several textual references that are problematic to fit into small text areas. The outline will help you with a preliminary draft of what you will require to add to it.

You can take a pen and paper and think about the data you want to include on your timeline. Having this draft will make it easier to stay in touch with the essentials of what you will need to add. So, create a proper outline for your timeline representation. Importantly, select the best-suited timeline layout to represent your information.

2. Keep the Text As Short As Possible

You can keep your description text as short as possible and to the topic on your timeline. In addition to this, do not go with over 20 words every time you insert data in your project timeline template.

Furthermore, make information comparable like a flow. You use approximately ten to twenty words on a single description. It will help you to present your timeline with an eye-catching visual look. It will be symmetrical on your website. Thus, it may be more tempting to your viewers’ eyes.

3. Take Icons Helps

Icons and symbols can help you to categorize your business events. They both are classified label areas you are concentrating on and make your stopping points clear. You can also use distinct icons to display various details.

If you are using a timeline to highlight your client funnel, then use an icon to point out crucial actions. It will be more comfortable to scan your infographics for specific information.

Additionally, the most straightforward way to think of icons as help for timelines would be social media. If you talk about historical references for your startup, these will quickly create your journey visibly clear without involving much effort from your end. Importantly, icons and symbols make a timeline stand out and more eye-catchy to your visitors.

4. Use Appealing Colors

When you are creating a timeline, make sure to use an incline color scheme. With that, you can display a sense of flow to your project timeline template. Moreover, it will be best if you choose colors that help your branding. So, you can also connect the colors with your brand logo or targeted product.

Furthermore, you can consider the timeline template’s start to end and then use color to shine the flow in a visually compelling manner. You can also make your background color neutral to enhance the readability of other designed elements.


1. Cool Horizontal Timeline Layout

Cool Horizontal Timeline Layout

Cool Horizontal Timeline Layout Demo

The Cool Horizontal is an amazing timeline layout that is easy to create. It permits you to showcase and highlight processes over the past years in a horizontal format. It also shows monthly progress or work plan throughout the project. Apart from this, you can also add the relevant images along with the information. In this template, you can also set a specific time.

2. Curve Timeline Layout

Curve Timeline Layout

Curve Timeline Layout Demo

The curve layout enables you to display the company workflow or history in an attractive way. You can enhance your steps with the corresponding heading and explanation. You can also add related icons to represent the visuals into it.

3. Hire Timeline Layout

Hire Timeline Layout

Hire Timeline Layout Demo

With the hire timeline layout, you can easily represent your company’s hiring process or the employee routine in your company. In these amazingly designed templates, just fill the information and add the best suitable icons or symbols.

4. Milestone Timeline Layout

Milestone Timeline Layout

Milestone Timeline Layout Demo

Using this visually appealing Milestone timeline template, you can represent company achievements, business highlights, and important milestones effectively. It also uses an annual timeline design that can easily customized to fit your website.

5. Schedule Timeline Layout

Schedule Timeline Layout

Schedule Timeline Layout Demo

The Schedule timeline layout is useful to showcase a work schedule, organized workflow plans, and many more. You can also set the date and time in this layout. The users will easily understand the logical flow of your business events or work plans.

6. Story Timeline Layout

Story Timeline Layout

Story Timeline Layout Demo

The Story Timeline template provides a magnificent way to represent your business story without any ado. In this template type, you can include events or accomplishments of your business history. With the stunning story representation, you can attract more visitor’s attention and engage them on your website. Moreover, it helps you to build credibility and a strong relationship with the visitors.

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Now, let’s see how to make the best out of the timeline templates.

When To Effective Use Timeline Templates?

The timeline templates are worthwhile for your business representation. It represents a few scenarios when you develop an eye-catching timeline rather than just text data. In addition to this, you can use a timeline to give details on specific timeline-based projects or the history of the company. With the timeline, you can organize your business data according to day, year, and month wise.

With the timeline, you can create a visual guide with the project’s stage details. It will let your customer know about the workflow of your company. If you are in the services enterprise, then you can use timelines to communicate expectations and compromise with your customers pleasingly and effectively. The important thing is that the timeline provides a quick and powerful way to work on your customer satisfaction.

Ending Thought!

That’s all! Timeline templates are pretty useful in expressing the goals ahead in a well readable manner. Use them to build interesting presentations. Whatever you do, get started with timeline templates using the WP Timeline Designer Pro today. So, select the timeline templates according to your needs. Keep these points in mind to get the most benefits out of it.

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