How To Create A Timeline In WordPress

How Do I Add A Timeline To A WordPress Website? [Detailed Guide]

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A timeline in a WordPress website is a unique way to showcase your historical records or a flow process. Generally, it lets your visitors explore the development process of your business in a great way and gain the visitor’s attention. The main aim of a timeline is to showcase a particular event in chronological order.


Why Use a Timeline on the WordPress Website?

The timeline is used to involve your website visitors by providing clarity towards your online business or brand. The benefit of inserting an attractive timeline is that you will be able to tell a story and showcase all your achievements in chronological order.

Furthermore, a timeline can display your business progress in an eye-catching way to your website visitors. For instance, startup business owners can use a timeline to showcase their roadmap.

Why timeline

You can display forthcoming events that help to keep your potential consumers engaged and informed. Here are some of the examples where the timeline will work well.

  • Websites where the growth of the online business needs to be showcased.
  • You can show any past achievements or milestones on your about page.

You can develop a timeline with the help of WordPress plugins on your website without knowing any background information about website design.

Here, we have explained how you can add a responsive timeline to the WordPress website using WP Timeline Designer Pro to engage more visitors on your website.


How To Use WP Timeline Designer Pro?

The WP Timeline Designer Pro is a perfect plugin to design post timelines vertically and horizontally with lots of responsive layout templates. It has several customization options as well. This plugin supports various features such as advance filter, pagination, post options, social media share, and many more.

Let’s look at how this plugin works.


1. Install and Activate WP Timeline Designer Pro Plugin

There are two ways to install this plugin. Firstly, using the WordPress admin area. Secondly, Install using FTP.


1.1 Install using the WordPress Admin Area

(A) Log in to the WordPress Admin panel.

(B) Go to the “Plugins” menu and select the “Add New” button.

Add New Plugin

(C) On the top of the page, you can view the “Upload Plugin” button. Click on that for the further process.

Upload Plugin

(D) Download the WP Timeline Designer Pro plugin. Now, upload the plugin zip file ( using drag and drop or file uploader section. Then, click on the “Install Now” button.

Choose File

(E) After installing the plugin’s file it’s time for activation by clicking on the Active Plugin.

Activate the plugin


1.2 Install using FTP

(A) First of all, download the WP Timeline Designer Pro plugin. And, you will get and files.

(B) Now, extract the “” file. It will create a ‘wp-timeline-designer-pro’ folder with all plugin files and folders inside it. Importantly, remember this extracted folder path.

(C) After that, using your FTP programs such as Filezilla or cPanel, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.

(D) Go to Dashboard » Plugins » Installed Plugins page and search for ‘WP Timeline Designer PRO’ from the plugin list.

(E) Click on the Activate button to activate the WP Timeline Designer PRO plugin.

Once you activate this plugin, now you can view the “WP Timeline Designer Pro” menu on your WordPress website admin panel.

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2. Create a New Timeline

With this plugin, you can easily create a timeline within a few minutes on your website. Please follow the steps given below.

(A) In the admin dashboard, you will get the WP Timeline Designer Pro plugin menu. Select the “Timeline Layouts” option.

Timeline layouts

(B) After that, click on the Create New Layout button.

Create new layout

You can also see the Layout Options panel and vertical settings menu in which you get various Layout settings.

General Settings


2.1 General Setting

(A) Select a template that you want to show in your timeline from General Settings.

Add New Layout

Choose Blog Layout

(B) Give a Layout Name, Insert Timeline Headings, and select a particular Post Type that you need to display on the timeline.

Layout Details

You also have options to choose a custom post type or build a new post type for the timeline. Once you are completed with all your required settings, then press the “Save Changes” button.

Save Changes


2.2 Social Share Setting

Enabling Social Share showcases social media icons on every timeline post with a counter. You can customize the social share icon as well.

Social Share Settings

  • Social Share Style: You can use default or custom pre-build social media icon packs. You can also customize the plugin with the use of your own custom CSS.
  • Shape Of Social Icon: You can display your social media icon in a circle or square view.
  • Size Of Social Icon: It permits you to set the size of icons like large, small, or extra small.
  • Available Icon Themes: you can select the desired social icons pack.

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Final Verdict!

We hope that by following these above-explained steps, you can easily develop a responsive timeline on your website. It will provide a stunning visual overview to engage more visitors.

In the end, if you want to insert a responsive timeline on your WordPress website, then download this plugin here. That’s all. You can visit the demo page to look at the timeline in action.

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