best wordpress timeline plugins for blog page

Best WordPress Timeline Plugins For A Blog Page

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Sometimes, individuals might not be interested in the recent blog, and they may be interested in the information related to past achievements. The timeline plugins for WordPress helps you to highlight the history of your brand to promote it on your website. Moreover, it helps visitors to easily understand how the brand came and the steps you took to achieve your business goals.

Here, we have listed the 10 best timeline WordPress plugins for a blog page. All these plugins have built-in templates with which you can easily develop a timeline according to your needs. These plugins have several customization options with so many features.


1. WP Timeline Designer Pro

The WP Time Designer Pro provides an effective way to beautify your WordPress website blog with the timeline concept. It also provides you to develop stunning layout templates for your WordPress post or custom post. This plugin makes your website post more eye-catching, which helps you to attract more visitors.

This plugin supports 12 responsive timeline design templates with any devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, and many more. Moreover, a single layout template contains several options to control and customize your post style as well as design such as font-style, color, and many more.

It is easy to manage for beginners as well without writing a single line of code.

  • Price – $18
  • Browser Compatibility – IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 4.9.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 21 October 2020


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2. Blog Designer Pro

The Blog Designer Pro is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps you to make an attractive blog page on your website. This plugin includes 7 timeline layouts. It also has stunningly designed 50+ templates for different categories. You can also easily import and export your favorite layouts and reuse them at any time.

This plugin also supports social share buttons for all posts with share counts. You did not require to add other WordPress plugins for social share buttons.

  • Price – $59
  • Ratings – 4.62 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera.
  • WordPress Version – 4.0 and Above
  • Latest Update – 19 August 2020



3. Cool Timeline Pro

Cool Timeline Pro is the best WordPress plugin to create a timeline. It will help you to display your company’s story timeline in a responsive horizontal and vertical chronological order based on the year and the dates of your post. With the wonderful timeline plugin, you can convert your blog post into a blog timeline. It also provides pagination and loads more features. If you have various stories inside your timeline, then you can insert pagination or a load more button after certain stories on your timeline.

Furthermore, you can also develop a timeline in real-time using Gutenberg blocks and settings.

  • Price – $25
  • Ratings – 4.80 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE9, IE10, IE11, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
  • WordPress Version – 4.4.2 and Above
  • Latest Update – 15 September 2020



4. Timeline Awesome Pro

The Timeline Awesome Pro is a wonderful WordPress plugin that helps you to develop a timeline or history interface element for your WordPress website. Using this wonderful plugin, you need to follow two steps to develop a stunning timeline interface.

You can also create an attractive company timeline, tutorial steps, program history, content timeline, and many more with this plugin.

  • Price – $25
  • Browser Compatibility – IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 4.7.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 17 September 2020


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5. Bold Timeline

The Bold Timeline is a great WordPress plugin that permits you to display any sequence of events or steps in different ways. It is a fully responsive plugin, so it looks appealing to any screen size. This plugin provides a plethora of options such as horizontal or vertical orientation, colors, fonts, icons, media, shape, size, and many more.

It is a well-managed plugin with a clean code. Moreover, you can use a shortcode builder to develop various timelines on your blog page or website to fulfill your requirements.

  • Price – $19
  • Ratings – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Chrome.
  • WordPress Version – 5.3.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 14 August 2020



6. WP Timeline

The WP Timeline developed to create a timeline easy and trouble-free. It has a user-friendly interface and also leads you to showcase timelines, stories, and history in the best possible way on your blog page or website.

The theme offers unlimited features, multiple layouts, and easy customization options without needing coding skills. It also supports 45+ stunning layouts to attract readers. You can also show media such as audio, video, and gallery on your timeline.

  • Price – $25
  • Ratings – 4.86 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 4.0 and Above
  • Latest Update – 18 August 2020



7. Everest Timeline

The Everest Timeline WordPress plugin displays your timeline in a great way. It is a responsive plugin with 50+ eye-catching pre-design templates. It also supports vertical and horizontal timeline layout, one side layout, Twitter layout, Facebook layout, and many more.

Additionally, this plugin supports media such as slider, YouTube video, Images, HTML videos, and SoundCloud on your timeline. Importantly, it is a widget and shortcode ready WordPress plugin that permits you to design an eye-catching story or event timeline in a few minutes.

  • Price – $18
  • Ratings – 4.69 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 4.8.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 06 October 2020



8. Visual Line Timeline

The Visual Line Timeline is a responsive WordPress plugin that works as an Add-ons for a visual composer. It provides 6 different timeline designs.

You can create a timeline using post queries with any post types on your blog page. You can also create an advanced timeline using the composer layout. Moreover, you can place your timeline on the left, right, or center. Apart from this, you can also set the color of your timeline and animate it according to your needs.

  • Price – $26
  • Ratings – 3.25 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 4.9.x and Above
  • Latest Update – 06 January 2020



9. Content Timeline

The Content Timeline is a lightweight and responsive WordPress plugin for showing any content on your website or blog. This plugin is easily implementable with video, flash, js scripts, and many more. With this plugin, you can also easily set up your history timeline of events. In addition to this, every timeline has options to either expand or open new links to your post.

It allows you to showcase your post in the form of a timeline. Also, you can select categories, a single post, or create a card. This plugin has 50+ settings for customizing.

  • Price – $30
  • Ratings – 3.89 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.
  • WordPress Version – 4.1 and Above
  • Latest Update – 25 December 2019



10. Post Timeline

The Post Timeline WordPress plugin provides you a great way to display the appointments, stories, events, and many more. It also has 23 timeline templates and 5 navigation styles to make your timeline more eye-catching.

This plugin supports vertical, horizontal, single, and double side timeline for your website. You can customize your timeline according to your requirements. It also permits you to see how exactly your timeline looks on the blog page with dummy content.

  • Price – $24
  • Ratings – 4.60 out of 5 stars
  • Browser Compatibility – IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • WordPress Version – 3.8 and Above
  • Latest Update – 23 September 2020



Final Thought!

Finally, the above-explained top 10 Timeline plugins for WordPress supports advanced features and functionalities. So, all these plugins are capable of developing eye-catching timelines for your WordPress website. This timeline plugins for WordPress helps you to enhance the user experience and attracts more visitors to your business brand. Importantly, choose the best one among the illustrated plugin collection according to your business requirements.

If you think that we forgot to add any important timeline plugins for WordPress to our list or have any useful solution related to developing the timeline on the website, then please let us know in the comment section below.

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