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Good Friend on Social Media

Given the thorough integration of social media into the lives of the majority of American teens, it is no surprise that these sites play an important role in the establishment of friendships and the everyday back and forth of peer relationships. This chapter takes an in-depth look at the role

Fashion Bloggers

Fashion blogs have been around since the early 2000s, but today, blogging is a whole new ball game. While fashion blogs are at an all-time high, we can’t argue against the fact that social media platforms like Instagram remain the single largest forum to redirect traffic towards fashion blogs. But

Brand New Fashion Line for 2018

This was an excellent year for shoppers, solely based on the number of new brands and designer collaborations that popped up across clothing, shoes, and accessories. This year we saw some surprising pairings, shopped new ventures from old favorites, and discovered some up-and-coming names making big waves in the industry.

10 Effective ways to save your valuable time

There is a popular Internet meme regarding time being a magic bank account. Apparently the famous coach, Bear Bryant, kept a card in his wallet which related time to money and treated time as a game.

Here are the rules:

1. Each morning you get 86,400 seconds as a gift

The Smartest Fashion Designs Of 2016

If 2015 was the big breakout year for wearable technology, then 2016 was the year that tech-fashion finally began to hit its stride. From smart bras to biometric wool sweaters, designers found that by giving equal weight to the technology and the garment they could create smart clothing that is

ExoMars rocket launch

The Proton rocket that will launch the ExoMars 2016 spacecraft during rollout to the launch pad where it was moved into a vertical position.

Launch is scheduled for 09:31 GMT/10:31 CET

Potato Salad

This past weekend saw the culmination of a small internet joke that snowballed into a ridiculous viral sensation. Columbus, Ohio native Zach “Danger” Brown wanted to raise $10 on Kickstarter to make a potato salad. He got $55,000 instead. So he used all the extra cash to

Little & cute photographers

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