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6 Things to Do

Before A New Hires First Day

1. Welcome packet

Don’t wait until the first day to introduce your organization. Send your new hire a welcome packet that includes the latest articles about the company, a fun personal note, and something from the team.

2. Paperwork

Benefits, contracts, anything else that needs signing — make sure you get these out of the way before day one. These documents take time to read over and understand, so don’t waste time on the first day doing paperwork

3. Culture video

Send them a video that highlights your organizational culture. Get testimonial from current employees, showcase fun activities, and the everyday activities of the workplace.

4. Company directory

Send your new hire a directory for all the people in your organization, and don’t forget to tell them know who they’ll be reporting to. This will help your new hire get familiar with people they’ll be working with.

5. Learning plan

Create a 30, 60, 90-day plan. Lay out the tools, skills, and tasks that your new hire will need to learn over their first 90 days. That way, you’re designing a strategic plan that will set your newbie up for future success.

6. Assign a mentor

This employee will help train your new hire, implement the learning plan and they’ll also be the go-to person for any questions, feedback, or check-ins.

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