Timeline Settings

In timeline settings there are layout base options which depend on the selected layout mostly are colors, text, animation, layout type. Few layouts support horizontal as well as vertical. So those settings impact on timeline layout elements such as border color, border radius, alignment of layout’s post etc.

Step 1. To change border radius of timeline icon use ‘Timeline Icons Border Radius’. To change layout color use ‘Template Color’.

Step 2. Few templates have even/odd layout for each post once after once so you can set random color using ‘Template Even Background Color’ and ‘Template Odd Background Color’. In Few templates there is an option for starting and ending text of timeline so you can set ‘Story Startup Text’ and ‘Story Ending Text’ as well as set background text color. You have also option set default icon/image option for timeline icon if in case it is not set from the post or you want to show it with each post.

Step 3. If you want show vertical or horizontal post so there is option ‘Layout Type’.