General Settings

Step 1. First select a template which you want to show in your timeline from General Settings.

NOTE: Few settings depend on the selected template and only work with that particular settings, so it may not show when you select a template.

Step 2. Give a Layout Name, add timeline headings, sub-headings and select ‘Post Type’ which you want to show on the timeline. You also have the option to select a custom post type as well as create a new post type for timeline.

Step 3. Select a page to show the timeline although you also have the option to copy shortcodes and paste in your designer page.

Step 4. Select the number of posts you want to show in a timeline at a time.

Step 5. Display settings provide you to show post meta fields such as post category, tags, author, date, comment, etc. in timeline posts, as well as you can disable/enable links to those particular meta fields.

Step 6. Add Custom CSS in Timeline Layout.